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Client Transformation

Client Transformation

Kate Naughton Transformation

Kate Naughton Transformation

Client Progess

Client Progess

Orla Hogan Photoshoot Prep

Orla Hogan Photoshoot Prep

8 week Transformation

8 week Transformation

Orla Hogan Photoshoot Preparations

Orla Hogan Photoshoot Preparations



Ongoing Transformation

Ongoing Transformation

Orla Hogan Transformation

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Laura Ní Mhuirí  recommends CK Fitness.

27 January ·

In the space of 3 short weeks I have had great results from training with Cillian. What makes him different is that it’s not just ‘his job’ or about the money for him, but he’s actually invested and wants to see you get the results you had hoped for in a safe, fun and healthy manor. The workouts are tailored to suit you and he makes them enjoyable. But for me, it’s the time in between the workouts that can make or break your goals, and what makes him stand out from the rest is that he’s there every step of the way on your journey, motivating you, advising you when you’re unsure, encouraging you to keep going and checking in to make sure that you’re doing your part outside of the workouts with your steps and diet. I’d highly recommend him to anyone looking to reach their goal weight or improve their fitness, and am really looking forward to seeing what’s yet to come.

Andreea Neagu  recommends CK Fitness.

30 November 2018 ·

What a great way to finish the year!!! Can’t thank Cilian enough for what I have achieved! Took me a while to get out of my comfort zone (and bed) but now I’m thankful to say that I got the best way out of it! Cilian is great, very supportive and friendly and his sessions are really challenging . He gave me the confidence needed to join a gym again and showed me that a healthy lifestyle can be easy and fun in the same time! I’m all set into a routine now and I’ve got great expectation for next year!! With two sessions/week i have to say that I’ve toned up a lot (after approx 4 weeks I lost 8cm overall) and I’m not going to stop at it!! Can’t recommend Cilian enough 💪🏼 looking forward to smash my next workout 💪🏼

Daniel Ryan  recommends CK Fitness.

13 December 2018 ·

I really could not recommend Cillian enough. I signed up to Cillian's LeanFit 6 week coaching program as a way to gain an understanding of proper exercise routines and nutrition. Cillian went above and beyond what I was expecting. The tailor-made routines I received were challenging but very enjoyable. Cillian provided great insight into how to make a sustainable nutritional plan that was catered to my workouts. Even when I was on a weekend away, Cillian was able to alter my nutritional plan to ensure I could enjoy the holiday fully and not move backwards or lose sight of my goals. After six weeks Cillian has helped me get into the best shape I have been in years while also making it an enjoyable process. I feel Cillian has given me what I need to help me achieve my long term goals. I could not have expected these results at the start of the coaching program. On a top of all this, Cillian is a very supportive coach. He was always available If i needed more information, insight or motivation. I would fully recommend Cillian to anyone who is looking to improve their fitness / live a healthier life.

Louise Browne  recommends CK Fitness.

25 February ·

I couldn’t recommend Cillian highly enough. He became my personal trainer just a few short weeks ago and already I can see a difference in my shape and strength. I’ve always been quite fit and was heavily involved in sports through school. Following some recent health problems, I gained some weight and just wasn’t happy with the way I looked. After struggling with this a little while, I finally decided to start seeing Cillian. Best decision I ever made. He motivates me. He is encouraging, supportive and patient with me. He has shown me how to use different machines and showed me exercises that suited me and my goal. Along with that he has also given me nutritional advise. His meal plans are not at all restrictive and are easy to follow. At no point have I felt hungry while following his plans. His positive and upbeat personality has made each session very enjoyable. It has been a pleasure working with Cillian so far and I cannot wait for what’s yet to come. Overall I feel happier and healthier than I could have imagined since seeing Cillian.


"Like many others I’ve joined gyms & weight loss programs to try and loose the weight that I have always struggled with.
Nothing has ever worked for me & I personally found it very difficult to achieve any goals.

I can honestly say that this changed the moment I walked in & met Cillian as my new Personal Trainer.

He guided me through the tough & dark times I had, the excuses I gave him; not turning up for training, pains in my legs, working all day and so on, he still preserved with me & stuck by me even though he didn’t really have to.

Even with a full time, stressful job as a head chef he has made me see & realise that I can still make time for myself & my eating to achieve my goals.

Cillian was & is essential in my progression to a fuller, healthier & most importantly happier lifestyle.’

Conor O’Neill
Head Chef


Louise Moore reviewed CK Fitness – 5 star

29 May at 11:16 · 

I have been training with cillian a couple of months now, which is when i usually give up! But im so happy with my improvements and the constant encouragement that i can genuinely see this as a lifestyle change and something i can stick with! The check ins daily and weekly keep me on track and Cillian is a wonderful knowledgeable trainer. All in all a 5* service in my eyes.


Dean Malone reviewed CK Fitness – 5 star

17 May · 

Got a Food plan off Cillian, he made sure to tailor it around foods that I actually eat and not foods I “should” eat. Always checks in with my progress every time I meet him. Have trained with on occasion and really really enjoyed it.


Nicola Troy reviewed CK Fitness – 5 star

15 May · 

I honestly can't praise Cillian enough since I began training with him a few months ago. I have genuinely never enjoyed working out as much as I do now. Strangely,I now look forward to hitting the gym, which I would never have done in the past.
Cillian is beyond professional at what he does and is both positive and realistic in his approach in getting you to your desired goals. Cillian doesn't solely focus on just getting you to your desired shape or fitness level, but also focuses on nutrition and building a positive mindset along the way for long term success. I really can't recommend Cillian @ CK Fitness enough!

Katie Naughton reviewed CK Fitness – 5 star

18 May · 

What a guy! Not only is Cillian consistently helping me towards my goal but he’s also helping with my mindset. The positivity in every session is unreal. You can always have a laugh! He pushes me without me even realising it - I feel so much stronger after only a few weeks. I look forward to going training now it’s become part of my lifestyle. Also love the fact that he asks you what you want to eat not tell you what you have to eat. If your looking for a PT he’s your man �


Deccie Doc Honan reviewed CK Fitness – 5 star

11 April · 

To say that Cillian is superb at what he does is an understatement. His knowledge of his profession, his dedication to his clients and his positive vibe is second to none. He has helped me get myself back on track and given me motivation to get back into excercise after finding myself somewhat lost & intimidated my a gym environment. I have my enthusiasm back....and for that I am hugely thankful.
Cillian is motivational and inspirational.....but in a gentle way, never forceful or with a hint of arrogance. The man cares .....the man is above all else a gentleman.
I could not reccomend Cillian enough. Making contact with him was one of the best decisions I have ever made. If you are considering getting help in this area look no further , he's the Best!


Cathy Cleary McDermott reviewed CK Fitness – 5 star

29 March · 

I will start with ‘I highly recommend Cillian’ ! I have been going to Cillian for the past year and I am really very happy with my progress in that year. I didn’t realise how much of a difference regular training would make to my everyday life. I was nervous starting in a gym because I actually didn’t know where to begin. My two daughters encouraged me to get going and put me in touch with Cillian. Cillian is professional in his approach, he’s a constant source of encouragement, he’s patient and kind but he also knows when you need that extra push to go to the next level of training or to keep you motivated. My strength and health have improved so much. I can’t thank or recommend Cillian enough and I look forward to continuing my training under his professional guidance. Thanks Cillian ! Might I also add really enjoying ‘Hustle Fitness’ a great gym ... well run .... great equipment and a great atmosphere.

Tiernan O'Malley reviewed CK Fitness – 5 star

Would highly recommend Cillian as a trainer, have seen great results in a short space of time. Superb advice re: nutrition also, he has given me food plans that are flexible and specific to my goals. Would highly recommend him to anybody that is either learning the ropes in the gym or looking to reach a specific goal. If you stick to Cillian's advice you won't go wrong 

Jack O'donnell reviewed CK Fitness – 5 star

20 November 2016 · 

Highly recommend, explained workouts and everything very well, helped on my form and gives very good advice with what you want your goals are, programme was brilliant and helped me focus on my weak areas, I would highly recommend it.



I started training with Cillian with the aim of building up strength and toning up. I couldn’t recommend Cillian enough as a personal trainer he is such an inspiration and extremely passionate about his business and the health and well being of his clients. Having tried going to the gym myself in the past and absolutely hating it because I had no clue what I was doing I thought I would never grow to like it too much and would just be doing it for the sake of it but I was wrong. Thanks to Cillian I now enjoy the gym and look forward to each session I do and am confident I am doing it correctly. Cillian is always on hand to offer me advice when regarding nutrition or whatever I needed. To see what Cillian has achieved himself is truly an inspiration and motivates me to keep going. What Cillian has provided me with is a complete lifestyle change with a new approach to food and exercise not just a ‘diet’ and I enjoy every one of his sessions. It has been the best decision I have ever made. I would highly recommend Cillian to get you on the right track to your new life.



Where do I even start? I started going to Cillian in 2014 before I went on holiday. I started again with him 6 weeks ago as I had fell out of touch with fitness due to college and work and was extremely unhappy with my weight. I was trying different diets etc but one of the first things cill said to me was to not go by the scales. I can now see why as along with losing weight I have gotten leaner and lost 5cm on my waist and 4 cm on my hips and thighs in under 6 weeks. Cillian has shown me everything I need to know and he makes working out fun. Not only is he a brilliant trainer but he is a genuine friend who you can converse with while training. He is always contactable when I have questions about food and nutrition and I would highly recommend him as a personal trainer.


I have just finished a 6 week block of one 2 one training with Cillian, & I am absolutely delighted with the results, not only have I lost weight I have also lost inches & more where I needed to lose them

Cillian is a great instructor , who supports you all the way through, with tough sessions, good healthy eating guidance, & encouraging support.

Was a pleasure to train with him, & I look forward to training with him again.


After struggling to motivate myself for a while to go to the gym, Cillian had been highly recommended to me by a few people. As I found general cardio work boring, Cillian focused more on my strength as I had been neglecting it due to not knowing how to us the equipment properly. Cillian went through everything with me step by step to ensure my form and method were correct, allowing me to train by myself outside of our sessions. He is a brilliant trainer and genuinely cares and wants to help his clients achieve their goals and isn’t afraid to push you. I would HIGHLY recommend Cillian myself now to anyone!



I have been training with Cillian since September 2015. Cillian is an expert on both nutrition and exercise. For me what sets Cillian apart is his one to one training. Firstly Cillian will ask you what you want to achieve from the training, the gym program is then designed to help you reach your goals and targets. He will go through each exercise ensuring that form is correct and is always available to answer any questions. I would recommend CK Fitness to anyone that’s looking to achieve fitness goals in 2016.



I started training with Cillian with the aim of toning up and for some help and motivation with both exercise and nutrition. Having tried all sorts of exercises in the past and giving up due to lack of motivation and boredom I was nervous about starting 1 to 1 with Cillian. But from the first day iv gone training with Cillian iv never struggled or come out of a session disappointed. Cillian tailors the workouts to your own fitness level and keeps track of your nutrition. I could never find an exercise I enjoyed doing but after Cillian's help and motivation I've even joined the gym!! Cillian is great to listen and will always come up with a solution to any queries. Taking the first step is always the hardest but u will not regret giving Cillian a call.



Have been training with Cillian since mid September and cannot recommend him enough. Cillian is a dedicated trainer and concentrates on my goals. He is always there on time and has never let me down. I had very little gym experience starting but Cillian has never made me feel that way. I am seeing great changes to my body strength and shape and my running endurance has greatly improved. My core strength and my posture has definitely improved. I also think these classes have improved my mental strength and made me more determined in other areas of life. I look forward to sessions all the time. Only problem is I'm a small bit addicted!! For anyone thinking of signing up I would say just go for it you won't regret it.



Top man.real pro! personable, positive, friendly great guy both at work and outside!would recommend.



I have been training with Cillian now for the past 5 months and I cannot thank him enough for his help and support in getting me into shape! As one who has tried almost every diet and exercise plan going over the years I have finally found a plan that suits me and keeps me motivated. Cillian is an expert on both nutrition and exercise! He is passionate about his job and getting good results from clients, which in turn keeps me, certainly motivated! During each PT session, he is dedicated to his client, offering encouragement and advice, and pushing me on when necessary! He varies the programmes regularly to keep up the interest. I have lost pounds, but more importantly, have lost inches from problem areas. I am beginning to see an "ab" or two, and look forward to my six pack! I feel healthier and have more energy, and now look forward to my sessions in the gym! Thanks Cillian! Highly recommend you!



Injured myself running last year and was told by a physio that I needed to strengthen my glutes and quads. A few sessions with Cillian thought me some very effective new exercises and really improved my technique. I’d never really done squats or deadlifts before, and now I’m flying it, increasing the weight every few weeks and I feel great!



Only after 3wks can see the difference, not so much on the scales (as he points out) but definitely In my clothes. One of the best classes I have done!!


Caroline Ball reviewed CK Fitness – 5 star

5 December 2017 · 

Cillian is a gent and a great guy together with that he is professional with his training, this makes CK Fitness the only personal trainer you will ever need to go to. Cannot recommend him highly enough. Top marks in absolutely every category. From the start he has motivated me and keeps doing it as you can have good weeks and bad weeks. Each class can be suited to what you wish to achieve.


Helen Ball reviewed CK Fitness – 5 star

5 December 2017 · 

I haven't been with Cillian long but I have to say I'm loving it. I look forward to going into the gym now and with Cillian's calm, reassuring approach it makes it so easy. I was also a little intimidated about lifting & using weights before but that has all changed all thanks to Cillian. 
Best decision I ever made :)


Suzanne Scanlan reviewed CK Fitness – 5 star

4 December 2017 · 

I've been training with Cillian for the past 8 weeks and cannot recommend him highly enough. I'd lost all motivation to train due to a prolonged injury but Cillians' tailor made plans got me back enjoying my workouts again. He takes a great interest in his clients and is more than willing to make adjustments along the way to ensure you get the most from your training and nutrition in order to achieve your goals.


Ní Clochasaigh Michelle reviewed CK Fitness – 5 star

1 December 2017 · 

Cillian is a fantastic personal trainer and instructor. He motivates you in every training session to push you as hard you can. I find each training session is different and time just flies. I would 100% recommend CK Fitness to anyone.


Serena Carmody reviewed CK Fitness – 5 star

13 November 2017 · 

I've been training with Cillian now for the past four months and would highly recommend him as a trainer. He is very passionate and enthusiastic about his work and shares a great knowledge on both fitness and nutrition. Cillian provides excellent motivation towards his clients and ensures they reach their potential every time. Great trainer.


Emmet Walsh reviewed CK Fitness – 5 star

13 November 2017 · 

The one thing that drew me to Cillian was seeing from social media accounts how passionate, determined and focused he was not just about his client's but his own fitness and overall the fitness industry. During my sessions I was always made comfortable and new he had a great interest in my progress and goals we had set to achieve. I do think after just the few weeks spent with him I am coming away with a better understanding and a total new outlook on fitness.


Darren Higgins reviewed CK Fitness – 5 star

5 September 2017 · 

I have been training by myself for the past 15 years and have been satisfied with the results however after getting a program designed for my specific needs I have been amazed at the difference to my strength and body. I would highly recommend Cillian.


Conor ONeill reviewed CK Fitness – 5 star

3 July 2017 · 

I have being training with Cillian for the past 12 months now and what can I say my life has changed so much I have gone from being going to doctors feeling down all the time every day was such a struggle. I'm now happier and healthier than I have ever being in my life.

I have always struggled with my weight .for me the thoughts of training to be only for fit people. any time I thought of loosing weight it was a quick fix diet that I would loose weight quickly. 
When I meat cillian he helped me to over come my fear of training and helped me to understand about food and how not make it a diet. he was so easy to talk to and understood completely the long road I had ahead of me. When I wanted to give up he was always their to give me a pick up, once he even call to my work just for a chat to convince me to just come training and do what I was able to do. (Not two many people care that much about their clients) 
The biggest thing I have learned off cillian is that training should be injoyable and you need to find what work for yourself. And will make every session injoyable I now love training feel better everyday mentally and physically. I have lost over 40 kg and I'm getting stronger every day.

I couldn't recommend Cillian high enough he is a very approachable person and will help you in anyway possible he is so easy to get on with and if you listen to him and follow the program I would have no doubt that you will get the results you want I no I am. He has helped me change my life and I cant thank him enough.


Nicola Killeen reviewed CK Fitness – 5 star

18 May 2017 · 

I started an online personal training programme with Cillian after he was highly recommended to me by a few different people. I began his online programme as I was struggling to motivate myself to attend my new gym in Dublin. When I did attend the gym I used to shy away from the weights section as I never had confidence in what I was doing. Cillian brought me into the gym to go through my programme, ensure my form was right and demonstrate all the exercises before I set off on my own to begin my new plan. 
Cillian constantly checked in with me to see how my plan was going along with helping me track my nutrition! 
The results I got even after one week in were amazing! Cillian kept me so motivated throughout my programme and I honestly can't recommend him enough!!


Helen Ryan reviewed CK Fitness – 5 star

4 May 2017 · 

So... ive been training on my own for a while, there has been some ups and downs. For me training has always been about feeling good about myself, that satisfaction that a good training session gives. But due to being very busy at work and in my personal life i found harder and harder to motivate myself and started regressing. Less than a month training with Cillian and my strength is back up and improving with every session. He is super helpful and always willing to listen and his enthusiasm and love for what he does is inspiring and motivating. I would wholeheartedly recommend him as a trainer to anyone wanting to improve their health and fitness levels.


Laura Slattery reviewed CK Fitness – 5 star

6 April 2017 · 

I decided to go to Cillian because I genuinely hadn't a clue what to do in the gym. He has lots of patience and we had a great laugh in the process. He makes the gym a less scary place and I now don't feel intimidated going as I know what to do. My personal goal was to gain confidence and to stop alienating exercise and I achieved that in bounties. My core has strengthened and I no longer have back pain. A genuine guy with great advice:)


Conor Kelly reviewed CK Fitness – 5 star

19 March 2017 · 

Combining an all round good guy with consummate professionalism really makes CK Fitness the only personal trainer you will ever need to go to. Cannot recommend him highly enough. Top marks in absolutely every category.