Goal setting :)

So where do you stand with your fitness regime coming into February?
Whilst we are almost in a new month, where are you with your fitness goals? Did you start really well in January and now it has come to a halt....
If it has, you need to figure out the steps to take to continue your fitness regime and here is a few pointers...👇
What do you enjoy doing regarding exercise? There is so many different ways to keep fit and healthy. Cardio, weights, classes or anything to get you moving.
What can you see yourself doing a year or two from now? Can you see yourself adhering to training plan
/classes and keeping it up for a long time.
What food plan can you follow with ease? Try follow something that is sustainable and easy to keep you on track whatever your desired goals are.
Have you set yourself some short term/long term goals for 2018? If not then maybe it's time to start.
Finally have you followed the same routine for years with no results?
My point being is don't do the same thing you have always done. If you have tried a certain approach year after year with no results, then something has got to give.
It's important to realise you can make a change. You can make huge progress in 4/6/8 weeks and keep it going for the whole of 2018 👊
Make it happen. 💪


Mentorship with Grenade Jay :)

Over the past 3 months I had the pleasure of working with @grenadejay on his Trainermind mentorship program.
Initially I had a Skype call to pinpoint what the focus would be to improve and better my business. Jamie gave me a mountain of ideas and tasks to begin with. He gave me insights in to what would work for my business and I got to work. I set up the Success from Struggle online programme, started a new podcast and inspired so many through my mental health posts reaching thousands of people across Facebook and Instagram.
What was fantastic about the mentorship is that you are part of a group of so many motivated and like minded individuals who are all striving for progress.
I feel now I have the tools to continue my progression in the fitness industry from what Jamie has instilled in me. 100% recommend you do the Trainermind seminar when it comes to Dublin in a few weeks. It is a game changer. 

Fat loss tips :)

Simple Fat loss tips by CK Fitness.
- Consume less calories than you expend (i.e calorie deficit.)⠀
- Make your diet as sustainable as you can. If you can’t stick to it after a week, what will happen after a month?
- Activity outside of gym can make a massive difference. If you are sedentary all day, don’t be shocked if you feel like you gain weight very easily.
- When you finish your workout, don’t go home and eat like you have finished a triathlon.
- Scale fluctuations are normal. Just make sure it is trending in the right direction.

Life Lessons :)

Stay focused.
Get up early.
Make health and fitness a priority.
Take risks.
Set goals.
Work hard every single day.
Be courageous.
Follow what you are passionate about.
Make memories with those closest to you.
Believe in yourself. 
Avoid negative people.
Be positive even when things aren’t going to plan. 
Believe in your capabilities.
Make progress every single day.
Be happy. 
Smile and laugh more

Fat loss and Happiness :)

Being in the fitness industry, I meet different people everyday through the gym. The most satisfying thing in my job is helping clients achieve things they never thought they could. They may start from scratch on their fitness journey and go on to achieve their goals big or small.
I often ask my clients what does happiness mean to them?
The answer I got recently from 1 client is that fatloss will come eventually but being happy within herself is much more important.
That’s the way it should be.
I have being there before unhappy with my body shape, focusing so much on it that it got me down.
I changed my thought process and started to focus on the good things I had. I began to appreciate myself. I focused on the good attributes, smiled more, laughed more and helped more people.
Life is for living and you should live it the happiest you can be. It should be number 1 priority.👌

Be better than yesterday :)

Be better than yesterday.
The weekends are a time to sit back, rest and reflect. You can get caught in the headlights of constantly working and become so engrossed with it that you never take a time out. Going for a drive along the coast is ideal just to get some of that sea breeze. Im always trying to improve my mindset daily and becoming a better version of myself.
But looking back a few years through all my mental health struggles, it's mad to think that I had zero aspirations, motivation or drive. I was floating through life with nothing to strive for. Now I am super grateful for all the life has brought before me. I am living life the way I want it.
For those of you that are stuck in a rut at present, YOU have the ability to change your circumstances. You can do the things you want to do. You can achieve the things you have always wanted to do.
So what do you do?⠀
Work extremely hard every single day, have the perseverance to keep going, dedicate the time and effort to change your situation if you are unhappy and have patience that everything will fall into place. Work on developing your mindset every day. Talk to people that inspire you and finally make yourself proud when you go on to achieve all that you want

One life> No regrets.

One Life>No Regrets. -------- I speak to a good number of people on a daily basis through the gym and out and about. I spoke to a woman the other day that had a number of regrets in life. One regret the she had was she didn't make health and fitness a priority. She felt unhappy within herself that she let it go on for years without making any improvements and now felt it was too late. It got me thinking 🤔  - Life is way too short to live with any regrets, no matter what it is. Im sure many of us can resonate that having regrets about anything in life can have an affect on the mind. - If you have always wanted to start a fitness regime, then why wait. If you have always wanted to say something to some one, wanted to apologies for past behaviours, missed someone then go ahead and make amends. Why wait? Don't live with those regrets always on your mind. - Don’t miss the chance to improve your fitness level. You are never too late to start. Don't miss the opportunity to say what you always wanted to say to someone. Don’t wait till it's too late... Take the action needed. Take the steps. Make the move. No regrets.....

Training :)

If you were to go to the gym and you come back and look in the mirror, you will see no changes.
But if you go to the gym consistently, show up every day and get work done, things over time will change.
Going to the gym for 8 hours only doesn't suddenly get you in shape. It's the daily practices that will add up over time. It's the cumulation of work ethic, sticking to a plan and adherence that will yield the results.
So many will give up after a short time of training. It's the journey that should be enjoyed because you are getting so much fitter, stronger and healthier along the way. Keep going. The changes will come 😃

Take the first step :)

Take the first step!
It can be a daunting place the first time you enter a gym to begin exercising.
Myself included have been there before. But you have to think of the overall picture that everyone there is trying to better themselves.

Everybody has that initial fear when trying out a new gym/exercise class. But each of us has had to start from somewhere. 
It may be hard at the beginning but once you step through the doors of the gym, you are making massive steps to improve your health, body and mind.
It's never going to be as bad as you have built up in your own head. 
The more you go, the easier it will become.

So take the first step and make a change.

Why I train :)

CK Fitness with Cillian Keane at CK Fitness.

Getting in good shape is very much welcomed by going to the gym but it’s not the number 1 aspect I always look at.

For me I train to get stronger mentally and physically. 
I train for the mental aspects of it of how good it makes me feel.

You can push your body every session to become that little bit stronger.

You can really put all your stresses in your daily life into the gym and come out feeling incredible.

I cannot stress enough how the gym has changed me all for the better.

So try focus on all of the positive benefits that the gym brings along the way 💪

Turning 30 :)

CK Fitness — celebrating a birthday with Liane Bradley and 3 others at CK Fitness.

Published by Cillian Keane · 13 March at 20:20 · Ennis · 

Some people fear getting that bit older.

I turn 30 tomorrow and to me age is actually just a number.

Over the past few years I have accomplished a lot of things I wanted to do.

I have battled my way back from the dark times to now living a very happy life.

I have so many to thank for that to get me to where I am today.

From being totally introverted a few years ago to where I am now growing in confidence every singe day.

I have built up my Personal Training business to a level I'm very happy with.

I have made some excellent connections that has made me grow as person.

I have had incredible support from my family, my girlfriend, friends, clients and work colleagues every single day.

If ever I was in need of someone to talk to, there was always someone I could turn to.

So turning 30th will be celebrated big time tomorrow.

I have so much to be grateful for that the list would go on forever.

Thanks to everyone who gave me birthday wishes the last few days. It is very much appreciated. 😃

Lean and Fit Project

CK Fitness feeling motivated with Cillian Keane at CK Fitness.

Published by Cillian Keane · 15 March at 11:35 · 

If you are REALLY committed to making 2017 the year you get your body and energy back then the Lean & Fit Project is for you.

I am looking for 3 ladies based local to Ennis who want to get stronger, fitter and healthier.

This program is entirely based ONLINE and access to a gym is required.

What will I help you with?

* A customised training plan to make you stronger, fitter and more confident.
* A personalised Nutrition plan. 
* Daily support and accountability.
* 1 Personal Training session per month to critique exercise form and technique.
* A sustainable approach to get you the results you desire while still eating the foods you love.

No guess work, just results.....

Apply by filling out the application form below.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Thank you. 


Motivational post :)

When I first started training, I would constantly look in the mirror after every session. 
I always thought that it would take forever to get in shape. 
Some days I would think were all the hours put in worth it. 
I can say with confidence it was certainly worth it.
I'm happy I stayed consistent. 
I'm happy I had setbacks but embraced them along the way
For anyone that is not seeing changes, doubting themselves, don't give up!
It may take a few months, it may take a year but if you keep showing up every single day, I guarantee you will make so many positive changes.

Effective training :)

For your training to be effective over the long term it needs to meet these 4 rules:

It must be appropriate for your ability level.
It has to be effective for helping you reach your goals.
It must be fun and enjoyable for you and ultimately it must fit your own schedule.... Time and time again, I will see many doing workouts they dislike, and they end up giving up altogether.

You have to love the training you are doing to get the results you desire.

It will end up being a long slog otherwise for you to reach your goals.

Have fun, make it effective, and make it fit in to your day :)#motivation


How the gym changed my life….

Just a few short years ago I had been battling depression.

I remember being stuck in a rut. Not having any aspirations, not having anything to look forward to.

Not enjoying life….. being unhappy on a daily basis….

Life was hard at that time but there was always something in the back of my mind that I knew better things were to come.

I kept faith that these moments were only temporary. Bit by bit the gym became part of my lifestyle, every day I went, life become that little easier…

My mood started to change for the better…

I began to feel good about myself which I hadn’t done in so long.

Last year I set out on a path to compete in the Natural Bodybuilding Federation of Ireland, i accomplished this and was never as happy with how things went.

For me life is about constant progress. It’s about bettering yourself that little bit every day.

This weekend in my second year competing I won the u68kg category at the Natural Bodybuilding Federation of Ireland.

I worked and worked tirelessly for the past year to improve every aspect of my life and am delighted with what I have achieved.

Seeing these photos below makes me extremely proud. It just proves that if you can focus on a goal and on something you want to achieve, that it can be done.

It doesn’t happen over night…it takes time and dedication and the willingness to change...

Don’t let anyone ever tell you that you can’t do something. Set goals and do your best to accomplish them.

I hope to inspire many with this post that anything you set your mind to can be achieved with adherence to a plan and hard work.

During the tough times, I kept faith that everything was going to be ok. I kept working on improving my mind day by day.

The gym has been a second home to me and I hope to inspire anyone out there that feels stuck or unmotivated to keep working hard. The tough times will pass, they are only temporary. 
Im sure of it :);):)