Tips for Fat loss :)

For lasting fat loss results, here are a few of my tips!
1️⃣Get more knowledge with the fundamentals of nutrition.
- Do you know the calories of your daily foods? Do you know how many calories you are consuming daily?
2️⃣Make strength training a priority and a part of your weekly regime.
- It's important to prioritise weight training each week. Get strong, get more agile and more flexible. It will get you feeling and looking better.⠀⠀
3️⃣Structure your day to day meals based on your calorie targets.
- Have a structure of your meals so you know what you are going to eat. It will help avoid grazing over foods that may not be in line with your fat loss goals.
4️⃣Aim for long term consistency, adherence and sticking to a solid plan.
- Hard work will pay off. Keep momentum going. Don't stop if you have a bad day. Get back on it as soon as possible. ⠀⠀