My Coaching :)

Successful coaching for client success. 💪
1: Listen: Let the client do the talking.
2: Create a plan of action to help clients reach their goals in the most realistic and sustainable way possible.
3: Focus on helping the client with 1 habit a week.
4: Help the client implement small daily changes to give them the motivation to keep momentum going.
5: Help the client realise that training and fitness is lifelong not just a quick fix.
6: Make it your best interest to do the very best for every one.
7: Educate the client the best of your knowledge. If you don't know the answer to something, don't make it up on the spot. Find out the answer and educate.
8: Be interested in your client. Find out what makes them happy. Learn more about them so you know what makes them tick.
9: Make the client comfortable in a gym setting as it can be the most daunting place initially.
10: Get results. 👊