Be better than yesterday :)

Be better than yesterday.
The weekends are a time to sit back, rest and reflect. You can get caught in the headlights of constantly working and become so engrossed with it that you never take a time out. Going for a drive along the coast is ideal just to get some of that sea breeze. Im always trying to improve my mindset daily and becoming a better version of myself.
But looking back a few years through all my mental health struggles, it's mad to think that I had zero aspirations, motivation or drive. I was floating through life with nothing to strive for. Now I am super grateful for all the life has brought before me. I am living life the way I want it.
For those of you that are stuck in a rut at present, YOU have the ability to change your circumstances. You can do the things you want to do. You can achieve the things you have always wanted to do.
So what do you do?⠀
Work extremely hard every single day, have the perseverance to keep going, dedicate the time and effort to change your situation if you are unhappy and have patience that everything will fall into place. Work on developing your mindset every day. Talk to people that inspire you and finally make yourself proud when you go on to achieve all that you want