What does the gym mean to you?

The gym is a place to get stronger, fitter, healthier and become happier within yourself

When looking at the gym no matter what stresses, emotions you have experienced that day, you can channel this towards your workouts.

At one point in my life I saw the gym as a hassle, that it took up too much time.

NOW it isn’t that way and it shouldn’t be like that for you. I look forward to hitting every single session.

When you enter the gym, you can escape and focus on bettering yourself that little bit day by day. It will all add up over the long term.

You are improving your health, body and mind every time you go. I don’t think any one has ever regretted doing a workout.

I have learned to create my own motivation by seeing the results and goals that I can accomplish. Working towards an achievable goal is a process that should be enjoyed.

Don't compete with others, focus on your own goals and become a better version of yourself!