Tips on achieving your goals

Achieving a goal is all about motivating yourself, and keeping your focus on that particular goal.

Sometimes large or long term goals can seem out of reach at times, best thing to do is break it into mini goals and reward yourself at each checkpoint.

1. Find inspiration on a daily basis! Talk to friend/family member who motivates you to go out and achieve your very best.

2. Write down your reasons for achieving this goal. It will make it more concrete and motivate you to accomplish whatever you set your mind to.

3. Visualise your goal clearly on a daily basis. Close your eyes and think exactly how successful the outcome will be. It may sound strange but it does work.

4. Make your goal know to others so the commitment will be there from the outset. Let people know you will do it by a certain date etc. This will keep motivation high.

5. Think positive, be aware of self talk! You can achieve anything you set your mind too.

6. Find like minded friends. Maybe if there was someone with similar goals you could partner up. You don't have to be going for the same goal but encouraging each other on a daily basis to succeed will all help!