Stay Motivated

In working with clients that last couple of years from fat loss to muscle gain, a common trend has come about which is loss of motivation!!

From the outset you start a plan, are seriously motivated and are adamant to do everything down to a tee.

Then around 4-5 weeks in, you lose motivation, getting up and going to the gym is harder, eating healthy has become stressful.

2 things happen: you either quit or don’t exercise as hard.

For me I found that the most important thing to start with is strengthening your mind. If you really want to transform your body, it’s all about your mindset.

Building habits bit by bit. When you create big tasks (I’ll lose 3 stone) you have to take a step by step approach. If you find you are in a cycle of losing weight and rebounding it back on you will come to expect failure each time.

You MUST play the long game to see results. Make a goal achievable, clear and easy to follow.

Train your brain for success in pursuit of the body you want!