How to stick to your diet?

You start off so well on your diet but after a certain amount of time you start to include foods that are not so healthy.

From speaking to clients there is 3 ways it can go.

Number 1–> You can resist and choose the sensible options.

Number 2–> you resist temptation and have a really healthy dinner but later on that evening you snack on treats that you have in the cupboards.

The third scenario is you have a meal that may not be so healthy, you feel guilty throughout and you get the feeling you have blown it.

These scenarios may sound familiar and people often come to me and say how do I stick to my diet.

I'm going to break it down to the best of my knowledge with experiences and am going to share my tips on how to achieve your fat loss, health and body transformation goals.

Your diet should include your favourite foods because trying to stay away from them long-term is unrealistic. I've been through abstaining from my favourite foods and I become more stressed, annoyed etc etc.....

You need to try and discover a way of choosing the right types of foods that also allows you to enjoy your favourite foods. You must have flexibility when it comes to eating habits and for long lasting results.

Follow a flexible eating plan which you can sustain long-term.
Eat real, minimally processed foods the majority of the time. For example- vegetables, whole-grains and beans.....

Eat protein sources with every meal-- lean beef, eggs, chicken, turkey are a few examples.

Plan/Prep your food for the week and make a little room for your favourite food.

Eat all your meals slowly and stop when 80% full and not totally stuffed.

Eat at least one serving of vegetables and or fruit every time you eat.

Eat quality carbohydrates with most meal, especially around exercise
e.g whole-grain rice, sweet potato, quinoa, oats.

If you can take anything from this sticking to a plan is much easier where you can enjoy your favourite foods from time to time and will lead to long term health goals, less stressing and you will enjoy the process whatever your goals may be. :)