Being in the fitness industry, I meet different people everyday through the gym. The most satisfying thing in my job is helping clients achieve things they never thought they could. They may start from scratch on their fitness journey and go on to achieve their goals big or small.

I often ask my clients what does happiness mean to them?

The answer I got recently from 1 client is that weightloss will come eventually but being happy within herself is much more important.

Thats the way it should be!

I’ve being there before unhappy with my body shape, focusing so much on it that it got me down. I let the little things I didn’t like about my body shape consume me.

I changed my thought process and started to focus on the good things I had. I began to appreciate myself. I focused on the good attributes, smiled more, laughed more and helped more people.

Life is for living and you should live it the happiest you can be. It should be number 1 priority.

My top 3 tips to feel good are meditate for 10-15 mins a day, practice gratitude of all that you have and appreciate yourself. Be happy for who you are. Don’t conform to what others think. Be yourself! 😃

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