As a trainer you thrive on getting the best possible results for your clients

This transformation makes me extremely proud.

Conor ONeill has put in so much hard work, dedication and commitment over the past few months and continues to do so on a daily basis.

His transformation is inspiring to say the least.

Here is Conor’s TESTIMONIAL:

"Like many others I’ve joined gyms & weightloss programs to try and loose the weight that I have always struggled with.
Nothing has ever worked for me & I personally found it very difficult to achieve any goals.

I can honestly say that this changed the moment I walked in & met Cillian as my new Personal Trainer.

He guided me through the tough & dark times I had, the excuses I gave him; not turning up for training, pains in my legs, working all day and so on, he still preserved with me & stuck by me even though he didn’t really have to.

Even with a full time, stressful job as a head chef he has made me see & realise that I can still make time for myself & my eating to achieve my goals.

Cillian was & is essential in my progression to a fuller, healthier & most importantly happier lifestyle.’

Conor O’Neill
Head Chef