What a year at CK Fitness.

Time to reflect on a great 2016.

As I wrapped up the last few PT sessions for the year at the Riverlodge Health & Fitness club, I think the last few months of the year have made me realise how grateful I am to be in a job I thoroughly enjoy.

I will be forever thankful for all the clients that have been with me throughout 2016 and how much of an impact they have made on me and my business.

For those of you that follow me know how much I have struggled with my mental health in the past.

It’s due to the great friendships that I have formed with my clients that has made it a pleasure to wake up in the morning and to go into a great work environment.

A few months ago a client said to me:

“I know that the weight loss will come eventually but I have never been as happy, confident and fitter in my life”

This is what inspires me and will continue to do so.

I hope the help all my current clients with their goals for 2017 and looking forward to helping many more 😃

Happy Christmas and New Year!