How the gym changed my life….

Just a few short years ago I had been battling depression.

I remember being stuck in a rut. Not having any aspirations, not having anything to look forward to.

Not enjoying life….. being unhappy on a daily basis….

Life was hard at that time but there was always something in the back of my mind that I knew better things were to come.

I kept faith that these moments were only temporary. Bit by bit the gym became part of my lifestyle, every day I went, life become that little easier…

My mood started to change for the better…

I began to feel good about myself which I hadn’t done in so long.

Last year I set out on a path to compete in the Natural Bodybuilding Federation of Ireland, i accomplished this and was never as happy with how things went.

For me life is about constant progress. It’s about bettering yourself that little bit every day.

This weekend in my second year competing I won the u68kg category at the Natural Bodybuilding Federation of Ireland.

I worked and worked tirelessly for the past year to improve every aspect of my life and am delighted with what I have achieved.

Seeing these photos below makes me extremely proud. It just proves that if you can focus on a goal and on something you want to achieve, that it can be done.

It doesn’t happen over night…it takes time and dedication and the willingness to change...

Don’t let anyone ever tell you that you can’t do something. Set goals and do your best to accomplish them.

I hope to inspire many with this post that anything you set your mind to can be achieved with adherence to a plan and hard work.

During the tough times, I kept faith that everything was going to be ok. I kept working on improving my mind day by day.

The gym has been a second home to me and I hope to inspire anyone out there that feels stuck or unmotivated to keep working hard. The tough times will pass, they are only temporary. 
Im sure of it :);):)