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Seeing clients excel and become healthier, fitter and happier makes it a pleasure to go into work everyday.....

I strive for the best possible results with my clients focusing on what they want to achieve...

A little bit about me and my fitness history......


Who am I? 

I have been working in the Health and Fitness industry for the last 10 years. I am passionate about what I do, and enjoy motivating and encouraging people to be active and get fit in their daily lives. On a personal level, I enjoy health and fitness and actively train each day. I take a holistic view to fitness and appreciate the importance of nutrition and a balanced diet; this is something I am happy to share with my clients resulting in great success.....

Past/Current Training experience. 

Since I first decided to compete in bodybuilding. I learned a great deal about myself and what I was capable of once I set my mind to it. Seeing the body change and getting on stage in the best shape of my life made me extremely proud.

The one thing that I did neglect in getting in shape was my social life with friends/family and getting out and enjoying myself. I know now that you can have a great social life whilst getting in your best shape.

Abs are great to have but memories with friends/family are more important to me. I say to clients on their fat loss journey that life is for living. You don’t need to restrict yourselves from social outings, you can eat out, you can have the odd glass of wine and you can still achieve great results by striking a balance.

This is the key for a happy fitness lifestyle.

Getting in shape and dieting doesn’t need to be something you dread. It’s a journey to improve yourself physically and mentally. 

This is what I relay onto my clients on a daily basis.....

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